SMS for the office / SMS for software developers

SMS from PC (for the office)

SMSList is a visual SMS software to send and receive single and multiple SMS from PC with a GSM modem/phone.

Commercial versions

SMS software for GSM modem/phones Software+modem:
A complete solution including software + modem Digicom Wave GPRS M (USB).

Software only:
If you already have a compatible GSM modem or phone, you can buy the software only (1-year or unlimited time license).
You must buy one software license for each modem/phone in use.

Easy to use

Sending an SMS:

  • Write your text and click on 'Send'

Sending multiple SMS:

  • Write your messages in a text file or Excel spreadsheet
    (or export them from a database)
  • Open the file with SMSList
    and click on 'Send'

Receiving SMS:












Besides its classic visual interface for SMS management, SMSList provides some useful features for SMS data integration with external information systems.

Sending multiple SMS from file

Advanced features

With SMSList you can send concatenated SMS (longer than 160 characters) and flash SMS (immediately displayed on phone).

You can also obtain a delivery receipt for each sent SMS.

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Integrating with databases and other systems

SMSList supports SMS sending from file and can record received SMS on a file.
This means you can import/export SMS from/to databases and other information systems (legacy systems, other applications etc.).

SMSList can also be called in batch mode (to send SMS from command line) and used for periodic SMS sendings through integration with Windows Scheduler.


4 good reasons to choose SMSList

  1. Save money on SMS traffic Ready-to-use SMS communication.
  2. No fixed costs, no Internet connection or phone line required.
  3. Saving money on SMS traffic:
    • Received SMS are totally free of charge.
    • Sent SMS are charged to the SIM card placed inside the modem.
      So, you’re always free to choose the most convenient operator
      & traffic plan!
  4. Granting your privacy as it does not rely on third-party services.




  • SMS for your business

    - Working teams
    Contact your customers and mobile co-workers by SMS.
    - Mobile marketing
    Contact your audience with friendly SMS communication.

  • SMS for public services

    - Services and associations
    Contact service subscribers and associates by SMS.
    - Commercial consultants
    Remind fiscal deadlines to your customers with an SMS.
    - Medical offices
    Send appointment reminders to your patients by SMS.
    - Schools
    Keep in contact with parents and students by SMS.

  • Do more with SMS...